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What to Expect from a Hearing Test  

what to expect from a hearing test in Seattle, WA
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Need to Schedule a Hearing Loss Test in Seattle, WA?

What to Expect from a Hearing Evaluation by an Audiologist     

Hearing tests are a normal part of maintaining your overall health and well-being. Occasionally, your primary care doctor may ask you to schedule a hearing test to ensure your ears are working well. As we age, hearing loss becomes more likely to occur, so it becomes even more essential to have your hearing regularly tested by an audiologist. Below, the experts at Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology have included some important information about comprehensive hearing evaluations and what to expect from your appointment. Whether you’re interested in getting hearing aids or want to schedule a hearing test to see where you’re at currently, our hearing care centers are conveniently located throughout the Seattle, WA region. We also offer flexible virtual care and online hearing tests for patients. Contact our team to learn more about our comprehensive hearing evaluations.   

What to Expect from a Hearing Test by an Audiologist     

It can help to know what to expect when you schedule a hearing test with an audiologist. When you schedule a hearing evaluation with the hearing care professionals at Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology, you can expect the following: 

  • Initial Consultation – We’ll go over your personal medical history and any concerns you have about hearing loss. 
  • Physical Ear Exam – After your consultation, your hearing care professional will inspect the inside of your ears for potential blockages, such as an injury to your eardrum or earwax buildup.
  • Hearing Test – Your hearing test will be conducted in a quiet environment while wearing headphones or noise-canceling earmuffs. Your hearing care professional will play a series of tones through the headphones, and you’ll be asked to signal, gesture, or press a button to let them know you hear the tone.

Other Auditory Tests Used by Hearing Care Professionals

In some instances, other tests are administered with the basic hearing test. The speech audiometry test measures how well you can hear human speech played at varying pitches and volumes. A final test, tympanometry, uses bursts of air pressure to measure auditory reflexes. By measuring the responsiveness of the ear to the pressure of the air, your hearing care professional can determine how well your ears respond to changes in sound. 

Getting the Results of Your Hearing Loss Test 

Once you’ve completed your comprehensive hearing evaluation, you’ll have an opportunity to consult with your hearing care professional. They will discuss your test results with you, and if they indicate signs of hearing loss, they’ll go over the next steps.  

Why Would I Need a Hearing Test? 

Some people don’t realize they have hearing loss because it often happens gradually over time. Scheduling regular hearing tests ensures you know where you’re at currently with your hearing health. If you address the problem early, you can help prevent several issues that can arise with untreated hearing loss. 

Schedule Your Risk-Free Hearing Exam Today 

At Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology, we’re committed to ensuring your visit with us is comfortable and hassle-free from start to finish. We believe everyone deserves to hear the world around them more clearly. Our hearing evaluations are designed to connect you with hearing loss solutions that match your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. With years of experience providing comprehensive audiology services throughout Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas, you can rest assured your hearing health is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive hearing evaluations, or schedule an appointment to get started.

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